Meet​-​Up Tree (2013)

by Jimmy Dan

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released August 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Jimmy Dan Houston, Texas

Singing and playing music since I was 12. Now I write, sing and play guitar from deep in the heart (and soul) of Texas.

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Track Name: Supply and Demand
Supply and Demand
Jimmy Dan
Houston, TX
September 3, 2013

Miguel drove the truck up from Reynosa
Started to sweat as the border got closer
100 pounds of coke inside the watermelons
He takes their fall he ends up a felon

Used to haul nothin but honest freight
'Til the gringos got itchy and just couldn't wait
Dollar bills rolled and stuffed up noses
Over the border and another deal closes

When they say jump you don't ask how high
When they say drive you don't ask them why
Used to be a man could make honest money
Man these guys must think this shit is funny

Too many bodies without any heads
Dumped in the streets and left for dead
Supply and demand, duck and cover
Strung-out en el Norte and white line lovers
/end chorus/

Back home in Reynosa Maria she waits
For Miguel to come walk through the old front door gate
One night too many without him here
Maria gives in to her worries and fears

Miguel pulls into a warehouse in Austin
This coke is headed for Nashville and Boston
Pulls back out with nothin’ but empty
Heads back down through the land of plenty

/repeat chorus/
Track Name: Bought and Sold
Bought and Sold
Jimmy Dan
Houston, TX
September 6, 2013
(Dedicated to the victims of human trafficking)

Down at the end of easy street
Their ain't no pot of gold
Ain't no pretty rainbows
When you been bought and sold

Rosa came from Mexico
When she was sixteen years
Promises of riches
Ringing in her ears

Bought and sold
The lies that you've been told
Spend your days
Someone else's slave
No white knights
No birds in flight
You'll grow old forever
Bought and sold
/end chorus/

Some men came down to Mexico
Said she could have her own
Instead Rosa ended up
Turnin' tricks in a bar San Antone

Rosa tried to run
Caught her not a mile away
Torn up pictures of her family
Were enough to make her stay